Ajaykumar velampalepu

Qualification: MCA

Specialization: Computer Applications

Experience: 1

Locality: Gachibowli

Age: 23
Gender: MALE
Classes you handle: UPTO 12
Experience: 1 YEAR
Preferred localities:(3-5 localities) = GACHIBOWLI, KONDAPURE, LINGAMPALLI

Describe about yourself:

Hello, I’m Ajaykumar Velampalepu, and I’m passionate about technology, data, and problem-solving. I hold a Master’s degree in Computer Applications from Gayatri Vidya Parishad College, where I achieved a commendable percentage of 80.1%. Prior to that, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Aditya Degree College, with a strong academic performance of 84.5%.

My educational journey began at Aditya Junior College, where I pursued my MPC Inter and achieved an impressive percentage of 88.7%. Even during my primary schooling at S.R.Z.P. High School, I maintained a high standard of academic excellence, securing a remarkable percentage of 93%.

I have a strong foundation in programming languages such as C, Java, and Python, and I’m well-versed in areas like Machine Learning and Data Structures. I also have experience with libraries and frameworks like JavaScript and databases like SQL.

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