Prathap Y

Qualification: B.Tech

Specialization: Civil engineering

Experience: All subjects upto class 10th

Locality: Basavanapura, Bannerghatta road, Bengaluru - 560083

Myself being a tutor past from 5 years I had trained hundereds of students with the easiest way that sudents understand and helped them to progress in their academics.

Experienced tutor with proven skills to convey complex knowledge in a simple and engaging manner. Capable to assist the learning process of students and help them on case-to-case basis with exams and homework.

If you ask why am I best for this role,
“I am passionate about teaching and I have the ability to engage students in learning. I am patient and I understand that every student learns at their own pace. I am capable of differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all students.”

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