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Coronavirus India

Find outbreak of Coronavirus in India, Latest Coronavirus India updates Coronavirus daily casualties, Coronavirus Tips for containment of this pandemic virus. Keep checking our latest tips and updates to live safely.

New WHO guidelines on mask usage:

1. All children above the age of 12 should wear masks.
2. Children, less than 5 years shouldn’t wear masks.
3. Children between 5 and 12 years may wear masks under parental guidance in a high-risk situation.
4. All children and adults less than 60 years may wear fabric masks. But adults more than 60years should wear only surgical masks.

Free online consultation:
A lot of my patients are asking for online consultation saying that they don’t mind paying the fees for that.
I thought I would give a free online consultation for two hours every day in these testing times. Of course, I will physically be available at Pulse Heart every day. Request the elderly and the people from the districts to utilize this service. For all the queries please call 6300519259.
online free consultation for coronavirus covid-19