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Home Tutors in Ranchi

Vishal singh

Qualification: 12th passExperience: FresherLocality:lalpurContact This Tutor I belong from a middle class family Currently I don’t have any…

vishal singh

Qualification: 12th passExperience: fresherLocality:lalpurContact This Tutor I am a high school passout,and looking for a job…

Nurain Ansari

Qualification: 12th complete Experience: 1 year Locality:Ranchi Contact This Tutor Recently I want a job…

Yash Kumar Verma

Qualification: Complete class 12 bords justExperience: Fresher Locality:Kishorganj road no 6/3Contact This Tutor Student…

Rufina baxla

Qualification: B.scExperience: FreshersLocality:LowadihContact This Tutor Freshers…

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About Ranchi

Nestled in Jharkhand’s heart, Ranchi boasts scenic beauty, serene lakes, and lush greenery. Famous for Tagore Hill’s panoramic views, Ranchi Lake’s tranquility, and Jagannath Temple’s architectural splendor, it offers a blend of natural and cultural attractions. Adventure seekers can explore Birsa Zoological Park or trek through scenic trails in nearby hills. Ranchi’s pleasant climate and rich tribal heritage make it a perfect destination for nature lovers and cultural enthusiasts alike. With its warm hospitality and diverse attractions, Ranchi invites visitors to experience its unique charm and immerse themselves in the beauty of Eastern India.


What are the advantages of opting for home tuition in Ranchi?

Receive personalized home tuition in Ranchi, benefiting from tailored instruction, convenient scheduling, and individualized attention. Improve academic performance and boost confidence with customized learning in the comfort of your home. Parent Guide

How do I find the right home tutor in Ranchi for my child?

Finding the perfect home tutor in Ranchi requires thorough research of platforms, agencies, and independent tutors. Evaluate qualifications, experience, teaching style, and compatibility with your child’s personality. Tutition Articles

What subjects and levels do home tutors in Ranchi cover?

Ranchi home tutors cater to various subjects and academic levels, including mathematics, science, English, languages, and exam preparation (CBSE, ICSE, and competitive exams). Additionally, they may offer specialized instruction in music, arts, and sports based on student preferences. See Subjects

What is the typical cost of home tuition in Ranchi?

The cost of home tuition in Ranchi can vary depending on factors such as the tutor’s qualifications, experience, subject expertise, and the level of demand for their services. Rates typically range from Rs. 300 to Rs. 1500 per hour, with higher rates often associated with specialized subjects or advanced levels of instruction. Tuition fee

How can I ensure the success of home tuition sessions in Ranchi?

Maximize home tuition success in Ranchi by communicating goals, providing feedback, monitoring progress, and fostering a positive tutor-student relationship. How to Track Progress?

Are there any additional benefits of home tuition in Ranchi?

Ranchi’s home tuition provides personalized attention, fostering motivation, improved study habits, and enhanced self-confidence for students, beyond academic support. Safety Guidelines

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