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Jabalpur is a city located in the state of Madhya Pradesh – Central state of India.  It is named as the administrative headquarters of Jabalpur district. Jabalpur is situated in the Mahakaushal region in the central state of India, about 308 kilometres west of Bhopal, the capital of state. Jabalpur is included in the list of largest cities in Madhya Pradesh. Jabalpur was awarded as the 27th largest urban conurbation in India in 2001. Jabalpur also has the Madhya Pradesh’s High Court.

Jabalpur is spelled Jubbulpore, city in Madhya Pradesh state in the central India. Jabalpur lies in the north of Narmada River withing a rocky basin surrounded by low hills that are dotted with few lakes and few temples.

Jabalpur district is one of the important cities in the State of Madhya Pradesh. It is located in ‘Mahakaushal’ Region of the State and was named from history being the native land of the great rishi –  ‘Jabali Rishi’. The holy river – ‘Narmada’ river flows through the Jabalpur district which made this river as the major drinking water source for the Jabalpur district. There is a multipurpose ‘Bargi Dam’ Project on Narmada river. It is known for world-over for its ‘Marble Rocks’ and the ‘Dhuandhar’ waterfalls near the Narmada River, Jabalpur district has the popular tourist site ‘Bhedaghat’. Also, the ‘Madan Mahal fort’ is also present in the city of Jabalpur.

The city of Jabalpur, itself dated from the nineteenth century. Jabalpur has a incredibly beautiful collection of Marble Rocks called “Bhedaghat” bordering the holy Narmada River. Many tourists/visitors every year come to visit Jabalpur city because of this major attraction of Marble Rocks. Also, It is known for the great spiritual leaders like Maharishi Mahesh Yogi of Transcendental Meditation and Bhagwan Rajneesh. In the heart of Central India – Madhya Pradesh is amongst the most popular destinations, but Madhya Pradesh has some beautiful untapped natural treasures. Amongst all the livelihood and tourism of Madhya Pradesh is majorly dependent on the Holy Narmada River which is considered as the sixth longest river in India. The Jabalpur city too lies on the banks of this river and considered as the third largest city in Madhya Pradesh. Also, known as Sanskardhani (Rich in Culture) just because of the love people show and that the people have towards its culture and tradition present in the city of Jabalpur, Jabalpur has it unique culture and this city is unique in its own way. Jabalpur city is surrounded by the popular ranges of Vindhya and the Satpura ranges which provides the Jabalpur city with a number of tourist/ Visitor spots in and around it. What makes the town of Jabalpur totally different from alternative places is its nice feeling towards “taals” and “ghats”. While “Taals” are considered as the Hindi name for lakes in Jabalpur, “Ghats” are originally  the banks along the Holy Narmada River where vairous religious ceremonies (Pooja) are performed. Even, with the developing modern culture like Malls, Big Shopping centers, Food Joints, and Pubs-Disco, the people of Jabalpur city still love to spend time and ejoy at the famous temples, Talls, and ghats of the Jabalpur city. Each and every festival is celebrated in this Jabalpur city with enthusiasm, religious ideals and love.  Among all the Indian festivals, the festival of Navaratri – which is mostly held during March-April and September-October, and the Narmada Mahotsav are the among those festivals which are must to attend.

History of Jabalpur

Jabalpur city was the capital of the historical medieval Gond rulers place. Jabalpur city is not only an important historical place, but it is also famous for the popular Marble Rocks near the bank of the Holy Narmada River, near to it. This city is considered as an administrative and educational center and also a gateway to important wildlife sanctuaries around the city. Jabalpur is one of the largest cities in the Indian central state of Madhya Pradesh. The origin of Jabalpur goves knowledge back to the ancient times. Jabalpur was earlier known as the name “Tripuri” and it was earlier ruled by the great “Hayahaya rulers”.  The ancient Indian epic –  “Mahabharata” has references to this city. Jabalpur became a part of the great “Mauryan” and the great “Gupta Empires”. In ad 875, then after this – it was taken over by the “Kalchuri dynasty” who made Jabalpur as their capital. In the era of thirteenth century, the Gonds condemned this town and created it as their capital. By the era of early 16th century, it was considered as the powerful kingdom of “Gondwana”. From time to time, the Mughal rulers tried to take a power over the region of the  city captured by Gondwana. The popular legendary Gond Queen “Rani Durgavati” died fighting against the powerful Mughal forces led by the great Mughal Emperor “Akbar”. It is finally fell to the victory of  Marathas in the year of 1789 and then was intelligently taken over by the British rulers in the year of  1817, when they finally defeated the Marathas rulers. Then, The British rulers made this city- Jabalpur, the important commission headquarters of the Narmada territories and established a powerful cantonment in the city.

The History of Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh is considered as the significant history. It is one of the from the list of most important cities of the State of Madhya Pradesh. It got this  name – Jabalpur – from being the native land of great ‘Jabali Rishi’. Earlier, the city was the capital of the Gond rulers. In the ancient times –  it was earlier known as “Tripuri” under the rule of The Hayahaya rulers.

Jabalpur city has many great places like the “Madan Mohan Fort” which was built by the Gond ruler “Madan Shah” in the year of 1116. “Sangram Sagar” and the “Bajana Math” were built by the Gond ruler “Sangram Shah” between the year –  1480 and 1540. There is also one of the most popular – the “Mala Devi Mandir” which was built in the era of 12th century.

The “Chausat Yogini Temple” is located on the top of a hillock which is the  10th century structure and create a all new dimension to the History of Jabalpur in the state of Madhya Pradesh. This city has some of the best carved stone figures which shows the deities belonging to the historical period of the Kalachuris. A local Legend of this city states that the ancient temple is connected to the palace of “Queen Durgavati” through a secretive underground passage.

As an important event in the History of Jabalpur – city of Madhya Pradesh was the holding of the “Tripuri Congress session” in the year of 1939 which was presided by the Indian freedom fighter “Subhas Chandra Bose”. After the country attained their independence in the year of 1947 – Jabalpur city or the Central Province of India and Berar was turned into the Central State – Madhya Pradesh.


By the character of the individuals in Jabalpur town area unit submissive, terribly spiritual and notionally progressive. Social lifetime of folk is nice and everybody within the town still follows their ancient values & evergreen culture.The celebrations of festivals and event remains enjoyed and celebrated with full ancient and enthusiastic method that very lacks in underground cities of Bharat.

Due to the high dominance of “Marathas and Gond dynasties”, a majority of Hindu population lives during this a part of the Madhya Pradesh state. However, quite an few of the Muslim individuals conjointly lives within the older elements of the Jabalpur town. the most important supply of living of the individuals of Jabalpur town is bungalow industries and craft creating.

The individuals of various faiths lives within the Jabalpur town however the bulk of population of Jabalpur belongs to Hindu religion. the foremost used vital language within the town is usually Hindi however Urdu and Marathi also are spoken ordinarily within the Jabalpur state.

A lot of vital festivals area unit celebrated with eclat and show by the population of Jabalpur. completely different styles of dances area unit vital a part of the varied celebrations like Gond dance, Matki, Phulpati and Giridaand that area unit specially performed by the wandering ethnic teams.

The individuals of the Jabalpur town celebrates most the most important Indian festivals with fervor and deity. there’s a stunning setting of happiness and celebrations all spherical throughout the competition seasons. individuals living in Jabalpur city will quit for searching new garments for sporting in festivals and events , plenty varied} forms of food and various snacks area unit toasted for the total family and for distributing among relatives. Another one in all the most attractions throughout the festivals area unit the favored fairs similarly as cultural festivals that area unit control everywhere the Jabalpur town. even supposing this town is growing to the newest and newest trends and it’s complete outlook has undergone to a replacement transformation, however, the individuals of Jabalpur still continue their ancient values. Tourists/visitors may get pleasure from these many festivals as individuals of Jabalpur celebrate them with all social customs and rules.

Even though in present, the youth of generation like better to hear screen land and Hollywood songs, but the good sweetness and longing of previous folks song still remains constant forever. These previous folks songs is enjoyed fully fervor and love throughout the competition seasons similarly as special occasions celebrated within the Jabalpur town. the favored dance styles of the Jabalpur town area unit Matki, Phulpati and Giridaand. wandering is that the name of the ethnic teams, those area unit those World Health Organization follow these dance forms nicely. These teams also are referred to as as Kanjars and Banjaras. this is often a stunning sight to ascertain few girls performing arts with stuff pitchers and making an attempt to balance them on their heads with the assistance of their hands. there’s genre of dolaki and drum similarly to supply a background music to the performing arts girls. The oldest folks songs and dance forms area unit enjoyed even these days peacefully and that they have a awfully special vital and connectivity within the lives of individuals of Jabalpur town.

The main population of Jabalpur town and it’s close region is that the Gond social group community. These tribes also are noted for its peculiar kind of folks dance and that they perform them on the occasion of cultural events and festivals. excluding these major festivals, different outstanding festivals celebrated within the town area unit Makar Sankranti and Bhai Dooj. There area unit completely different cultural activities within the sort of songs, folks dances, go to similarly as praying throughout the merry season. The individuals of town gather at a standard place which is wherever these dances area unit performed with the standard musical instruments. An out sized range of individuals from completely different elements of Madhya Pradesh conjointly visit Jabalpur to become a locality of those cultural activities.

The art and paintings in Jabalpur area unit closely joined with culture of town. The state of Madhya Pradesh is understood for its wealthy cultural lineage. Durry planning is a very important crafts of Jabalpur. These durries area unit flat carpets that area unit terribly outstanding in Jubbulpore and area unit out there altogether types of styles. These durries area unit created from woolen cloth or thick cotton and therefore the previous methodology is employed in creating them. There area unit stunning patterns and colors on the durries and therefore the girls of rural regions area unit concerned within the method of durry planning.

In Jabalpur, girls is seen sporting saris and shalwar tunic. The saris carry a colorful style and have stunning patterns created on them. However, because the foreign culture is creating its method within the town, the young women is sported sporting trousers combined with tight kurtas. the lads like better to wear shirt and trousers and that they conjointly wear ancient at tires on special occasions and festivals.

Jabalpur holds an impressive position in literature. town is noted for its 3 romantic dramas and is that the intellectual and cultural capital of Madhya Pradesh. it’s the historic heart of Hindi literature and is additionally a outstanding regional education hub. Vedic literature is a very important literature that many of us like better to study in Jabalpur. town has been home to several musicians and notable personalities.

The individuals of Jubbulpore area unit terribly bon vivant and like to eat type of lip-smacking dishes. Khoya ki jalebi and chaats area unit very widespread in Jabalpur and to satisfy the style buds of the tourists.There area unit various restaurants and food joints within the town that serve delicious food and savory treats.


The population of town is concerning ten.65 lakhs. town is widespread for its toys, terracotta things, Chanderi and Maheshwari saris. The picturesque landscape combined with the innumberable holidaymaker spots, town could be a delight for any holidaymaker. As per the 2011 census statistics, city ranks as third largest urban agglomeration in Madhya Pradesh and therefore the thirty eighth largest in India.

The climate of city is wet semitropical that is typical of North-Central India. In summers, the temperature goes up to 47°C but the temperature in winters goes all the way down to 8°C. Summers area unit from late March to early Gregorian calendar month and Winters area unit from early Nov to early March. could is taken into account to be the most popular month and therefore the weather becomes merely unendurable. it’s not all wise to travel out for looking. The monsoon season comes around Gregorian calendar month and lasts by September. the foremost favorable time to go to town is between Gregorian calendar month to March. The monsoon season is welcome by serious precipitation and therefore the weather too becomes pleasant at now.The nature and its beauty is seen at its best throughout now. city receives moderate precipitation of thirty five inches (889 mm) throughout the months from Gregorian calendar month to September thanks to the southwest monsoon.

The rocky hills all around city area unit choked with mineral deposits and ancestral remains. Therefore, geologists and archaeologists visit town from time to time for his or her analysis. The hypnotic read of Narmada enclosed by marble rocks could be a major holidaymaker attraction in city. Narmada, Vanganga and Hiran area unit the most important rivers that flow through city. Narmada is that the largest among all the rivers and has several tributaries. the most water reservoirs of each Kahdari and Pariyat area unit placed within the northeast of this region.

Water is additionally drawn from Narmada stream by Public Health Dept. the most crops of the region area unit rice, wheat, oilseeds, pulses and maize. Bargi Dam on the stream Narmada is employed for irrigation, water system and power generation. The city is enclosed by many lakes and water tanks. the world is made in refractory clay, limestone, iron ore, bauxite, metallic element and alternative deposits.There area unit few industries connected with on top of minerals within the space. Jabalpur is renowned for its richest forest reserves and panorama of life. National parks particularly Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Shivpuri and Pench area unit terribly about to town. a number of the vital forest formations that area unit found in city area unit teak, sal, mixed forests, khair and healthful plants.

State: Madhya Pradesh

Region: Mahakoshal

Altitude: 1,348 feet above sea level

Location: 23°10’N 79°56’E

Climate: Humid Sub tropical

Precipitation: 1386 millimetres( 55 inches)

Summer Temperature: 47°C (maximum), 21°C (minimum)Winter Temperature: 27°C (maximum), 8°C (minimum)