Jyoshna Reddy

Qualification: B.Com

Specialization: Computer

Experience: Computer

Locality: Karimnagar

I am a highly skilled and B.Com qualified computer tutor with a strong passion for teaching. With my expertise in computer science and commerce, I am equipped to deliver comprehensive lessons that bridge the gap between these two fields. Throughout my teaching experience, I have successfully helped students grasp complex computer concepts and their practical applications in the business world.

Currently, I am actively seeking full-time teaching positions in Karimnagar. My proficiency lies in subjects such as programming languages, database management, computer networks, and software applications. I possess a deep understanding of the curriculum and syllabus, allowing me to effectively plan and deliver lessons that align with the academic requirements. As a dedicated educator, I am committed to fostering a positive learning environment and helping students develop their skills to excel in the field of computer science and commerce.

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