Wanted private tutors in Kanpur for Maths Tuition

Wanted private tutors in Kanpur for Maths Tuition. My name is Aman and I am appearing for IIT JEE 2020 advanced entrance exam. Also, my exam is going to be held in the month of April/May 2020. I have few doubts in Maths and need quick help for solving complex problems. Need Tuition for at least two hours
daily and weekly 5-6 days. Further, every day I will prepare a list ot questions and forward it upfront for discussion on next day class. So, this will help me in saving Tutor’s valuable time and my time too.

I am ready to offer 400-508 rupees per hour as Tuition fee as I am from middle class family background.
I am comfortable with monthly Payment option also. In addition to the above, Tutor must ensure completion of whole syllabus before April which is very convenient for Tutors to come home which is very easy for Tutors to come home and teach.

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