Wanted Tuition corner in kolkata

Wanted Tuition corner in kolkata for my kids in class 1 and 3. They are studying central board syllabus from beginning. Both are very 1azy to sit and study butt good at academics. Also, both are very good in maths but weak in Science and English. I am searching experienced private Tutors for the above subjects. They requires little push and personal care. So, i felt like going for personal Tuition will solve my problem. Initially my younger kid was studying West Bengal state Board syllabus. So, right now we joined him in cbse board due to which he is slightly running behind school lessons. I am seriously looking for qualified and experienced Tuition teachers in Kolkata near Salt Lake area.

Basic requirements of the Tutor:
-Graduate from universities
-Proficient in English and Bengali languages
-Should have good track record in academics
-Must be a Local Bengali Tutor

Tuition requirement in Details:
Class: class 1 and 3
Syllabus: CBSE
Tuition Timings: 3.30pm
Duration of the class: At least 1.5 hours
Tutor preference: Female Tutor
Budget: Rs. 2000- 3500 per month
Interested private Tutors in Kolkata, may please contact for further details.

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