Neha Narala

Qualification: B.Tech

Specialization: Mathematics

Experience: Mathematics

Locality: Guntur

Highly motivated and skilled B.Tech graduates with a strong educational background in engineering. Seeking part-time job opportunities to gain practical experience and contribute to the industry. Possessing a deep understanding of core engineering principles, coupled with excellent problem-solving and analytical skills. Committed to delivering high-quality work and continuously learning to stay updated with the latest technological advancements.


Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree in [Engineering Discipline] from [University/Institute Name], Guntur, Hyderabad.

Technical Proficiency: Proficient in utilizing various engineering tools, software, and programming languages relevant to the field of study.
Problem Solving: Able to analyze complex problems, identify suitable solutions, and implement effective strategies to resolve them.
Analytical Thinking: Strong analytical skills to evaluate data, assess situations, and make informed decisions.
Communication: Excellent verbal and written communication skills, enabling effective collaboration and presentation of ideas.
Teamwork: Proven ability to work collaboratively within multidisciplinary teams, ensuring seamless coordination and achievement of project goals.
Adaptability: Quick learner with the ability to adapt to new technologies, methodologies, and work environments.
Time Management: Exceptional organizational skills, capable of managing multiple tasks and meeting deadlines.
As recent graduates, our primary focus has been on academic pursuits. However, we have undertaken numerous practical projects and internships during our academic journey, allowing us to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. While our professional experience may be limited, we possess the drive, enthusiasm, and foundational skills necessary to excel in any work environment.

Career Interests:
Our aim is to obtain part-time job opportunities where we can contribute to the industry while gaining practical experience and further developing our skills. We are eager to work alongside experienced professionals and contribute to projects that align with our field of study.

We are available to work part-time and are open to flexible schedules. Our dedication, commitment, and willingness to learn make us valuable assets to any organization seeking motivated B.Tech graduates.

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