Odissi is a classical dance form that originated in the Indian state of Odisha. It is characterized by its distinctive body movements, which include bent knees, footwork, and intricate hand gestures. The dance form is also known for its expressive use of the eyes, as well as its fluid, graceful movements. Book Trainer

Odissi is traditionally performed to the accompaniment of music played on instruments such as the pakhawaj (a two-headed drum) and the mardal (a type of hand drum). The lyrics of the songs used in Odissi are typically in Sanskrit or Odia, and they often relate to stories from Hindu mythology.

Odissi has a long history, with evidence of the dance form dating back to the 2nd century BCE. It was traditionally performed in temple courts and has strong ties to Hindu religious rituals. In recent years, Odissi has gained popularity outside of India and is now performed on stages around the world.

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