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Part-time Jobs near me

With the increase in expenses in our day-to-day life like the cost of fruits, vegetables, and groceries, traveling has become expensive. Apart from the above, electricity and water bills takes a big scoop out of your salary.

Why Part-Time Jobs?

And for students, the situation becomes more problematic as some students are suffering from high student loan interest rates and some have difficulty in finding a job after graduation and some have extra expenses and it very soul wish to have a fun time with their friends or with family members where their pocket money is not sufficient as their parent give their kids for their daily necessities in their college life, so every student has an urge to be independent. The solution to their money problem is part-time jobs. Without sacrificing your duties the part-time jobs provide a subsidiary source of income for their luxury or for much more affordable survival. Without any investment, you can choose the kind of job that suits you. online part-time jobs enhance productivity and improve your skills and also make you understand the business better. It’s said that a “part-time job makes you smart and a full-time job makes you strong”. All you need to do is to devote a certain time in a day to complete the task given to you. Here in this article let us discuss the part-time jobs in detail, some part-time jobs have flexible hours and some have fixed working hours, you should choose wisely before committing to any part-time job.

Best part-time jobs in India

Data Entry
Home or online tutoring
Content writer/editor
Affiliate marketing

What is this exactly?

A part-time job is a form of employment that carries fewer hours per week than a full-time job. In the globalization era working is an important part of people’s life it’s on the tread that without working people can’t live a better life as career vacation and occupation has become the important need for all people. People feel worried if they don’t work as they always need money and they get money only when they work. It’s said that important components in adult people’s life are career and family. So we can say that the better they earn the happy life they lead.

There are many options out there, Here are many ways you can flex your working options :

  • Part-time is like working three or four hours or like working for three or four full days or shorter days up to five days a week.
  • Compressed hours are like full-time hours but for fewer days
  • Shift work means fixed hours outside of the regular
  • Flexible or staggered hours usually involve being in the office during agreed core hours
  • Freelance, you work for yourself
  • Remote working – working from home or anywhere that isn’t the office or place of work
  • Annualized hours means, for example, an 80% of the contract which is fulfilled at flexible times across the years
  • Job share /job split means two people will share the responsibility of one job or split them into two distinct part-time jobs
  • Zero hours which means you work only when the employer needs you
  • Term time only, these are commonly found to be in schools, universities, or some public sector jobs.

Why do some prefer to work part-time?

Anything under 35 hours per week is typically considered a part-time job, some people prefer to work part-time for a variety of reasons and a few reasons are as follows:

  • Child care or family responsibilities
  • Completing a degree and found no permanent job or acquiring further training
  • They  earn money Typically to spend on essential living expenses
  • Launching their own business ventures while still earning an income
  • Reducing stress and having time for other hobbies and interests
  • There can be some benefits to working part-time, the benefits as freeing up time to pursue other work or personal responsibilities.
  • Involuntary part-time workers

In a lagging economy, part-time jobs may be filled by workers who would prefer full-time employment but can’t find a full-time job these employees are referred to as involuntary part-time workers


Work experience – the pet time job gives a real-life work experience. This work experience will help in getting a job after study completion. Having a part-time job shows that you have some exposure to the professional world and it will give you an advantage over other candidates during a job search.

Money – money is the factor that leads a person towards a part-time job. Which reduces the burden of paying bills and study loans.

Money management – Nobody doesn’t feel to spend money they got from their parents. But when a person starts earning and when a person spends their hard-earned money then they start thinking about it , then they start planning accordingly how to spend wisely and how much to save..

Time management – Doing a part-time job with study leaves the person with less time and a busy schedule, so a student has to manage their time in a way that both study and work won’t get affected.

Develop useful skills – during a part-time job a person can develop many useful skills that help in their professional life like teamwork, organizational skills,  work initiative skills, meeting etiquette..etc

You gain independence – indeed you will be more responsible for your own schedule, money, and duties, As a result, you will be less reliant on those around you and you will learn how to friend for yourself. This newfound independence will also help to build your character, which will be beneficial while studying and for your career.

You will learn to manage your time wisely – going to classes, working a part-time job, socializing with friends, and making time for your hobbies make for a busy schedule, but juggling so many different tasks can help you improve your time management skills. Indeed you will generally become more organized and efficient in time.

Social networking opportunities – during the part-time job, you will meet many people from the professional world, so this is an opportunity to grow your network.

Being Active –  when we don’t have a set routine we often fall lazy and lose the motivation to get up and go in the morning so working part-time might help you stay active and is also good for your mental psyche. The act of bonding with colleagues as social grooming releases natural feel-good hormones such as endorphins and serotonin which keeps depression at bay.

What studies say

Consequently, a number of researchers have concluded that a combination of financial need and the opportunity to gain experience and ultimately enhance career opportunities have promoted students to seek employment during term time in addition to more traditional vacation employment. Balancing education and part-time work, indeed it has been suggested that a combination of studying full-time and working part-time and being in debt can have a detrimental impact on the physical and mental health of student this create a perception of negative effect on academic performance. However, some researchers consider there to be wholly positive outcomes of working part-time and there was no  Conclusive relationship. Between the student marks And their perception Regarding their academic performance. There is a suggestion That part-time employment is not always a determinant of students’ academic efforts particularly if the hours are managed according to their course.

Latest part-time job trends:  

Working from home is a dream for many people. With no experience needed, most people think that working online could never be an option for them, you don’t have the tech skills, you don’t have the marketing skills, and you have never run a business before!! Now one of those matters – thanks to the idea of part-time jobs!!! Here we discovered a world of possibilities. It doesn’t matter where you live, you don’t need business experience they give you the business coaching built in the program. No need to worry about building websites. Nobody loved to be pushy same with a part-time job. There will not be any pressure on you. The more you work you eat is the principal in a part-time job. Here is the visualization of the trend interestingly the has continued even during the Covid-19 global pandemic and recession the number of part-time employees working for economic reasons doubled. Trends in the reason part-time jobs by industries also suggest structural factors in play.

The service occupations (e.g., healthcare support, online tutoring, food preparation, food delivery, courier service, building and grounds maintenance, personal care, etc.) contribute the most to involuntary part-time employment, followed by sales.

Latest employment report numbers full-time and part-time employment with 35 or more hours as the arbitrary divide between the two categories. Some employees shifted from full-time to part-time as a result of the pandemic and some coz of part-time work that is driving an overall increase in part-time employment generally, as the share of the workforce working part-time voluntarily has been stable since 2007. Thus, the “new normal” of under-utilized labor primarily reflects the increased employer use of part-time employees and not any increased preference among workers for part-time employment. The currently elevated level of part-time work and full-time work. Part-time work and its growth are concentrated in several industries that more intensively use part-time work, specifically, retail and leisure, and hospitality. Although reaching full employment could eventually yield a diminution in part-time work as workers are able to secure full-time employment.

It is important to distinguish between full-time and part-time employees because part-time employees typically don’t receive:

  • Paid time off, such as vacations or holidays
  • Employee benefits such as health insurance
  • And part-time employees are often excluded from participation in employer retirement plans.
  • You may not think you are discriminating but denying benefits to part-time employees may in effect be discriminating.

Full-time and Part-Time Employees and Taxes 

No matter what the status of an employee (full-time or part-time), you as the employer are required to withhold taxes based on the money you earn.

Now that you have factors to consider  When choosing a part-time job, Easy time to jump on a job hunt  Don’t worry we have done the hard work for you, Finding a good part-time job is not easy in India.

You have been eyeing your favorite things for so long but can’t buy anything why deal with such issues when part-time jobs are feasible ways to earn money .. here is the list of part-time jobs in India:

Online Teaching:

There was a possibility that you had no idea about the scope of online education if you would read this before Covid-19 but you must be living in rocks if you say that today. This is the era of online education. Almost everything is now online, that you were learning in a classroom. The online education industry is getting bigger and bigger. Not only school and college subjects, but you can also teach almost anything online and make lots of money. Either you can do it on your own and join some online tutoring websites. There are many popular websites where you can find various online tutoring jobs. An online tutor can earn 500 to 1500 per hour from these websites. If you start your own online teaching classes then you can earn more than what you earn from these websites.

Sell online courses or any product: am sure you have seen hundreds of ads from people who are selling different online courses or training on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Do you believe, if I say that most of these people don’t have any expertise about their course or any product but still they make courses related to that and sell on the social platforms? Yes, because people on these social platforms are crazy for buying low price online courses even if someone is selling junk. I am not asking you to create any low-quality online course or training and sell it online. If you create something useful for the people and sell it online, you will get a huge response.

You can create attractive ads on Facebook or YouTube and target people who are interested in your course or any or product that can be handmade even It’s easy to target people who may show interest in your products. If you want to make money by selling online courses, then you need to create a course. If you don’t want to create a course, there are people available on various freelance platforms who can help you to create products for you. Then you need to learn Facebook or YouTube advertising so that you can get better ROI by selling your course.

Freelance writer/editor: nowadays freelancing has become a new trend for earning.  You need a good command of the language, you have thousands of websites available for recruiting around the world.

Affiliate marketing business for housewives: have you ever recommended a product and service for your fellow ladies? Yes! Then affiliate marketing might suit you.  This is about we do it on a large scale using social media, youtube, and all. Start your own affiliate marketing from home without any investment and make thousands of money in your pocket. It’ll be somewhat tough for uneducated housewives to make enough money online. But still, there are lots of online money and offline-making opportunities available for housewives without any skills. 

The jobs for homemakers listed here are so easy, You don’t have to be good at English or you don’t need any special skills to join these jobs. To earn good money you should try all the jobs listed below. Limiting yourself by joining any one of the jobs listed below cannot fetch you more money. 

  • Curry points to students
  • Tailoring
  • Fashion designer
  • Gardening or keeping a nursery
  • Event planner

CONCLUSION: Internet jobs are the future, you need to take action today you can choose any of the online jobs from this list and work from home. You can even work on multiple online jobs I can assure you that you will earn better than a regular job and if everything was done well part-time job brings satisfaction. A part-time Job gives valuable experience in real-life working experience and skills. In a nutshell, it can be concluded that the advantages of these jobs overweight the disadvantages.