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Places to visit in Mangalore

Mangalore, the capital of the Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka is an inimitable blend of varied traditions full of flavor cuisine and a seventh heaven for passionate nature lovers. The local people devour their favorite fish curry rice. Also see Part Time Jobs in Mangalore

The famous chicken ghee roast or the authentic bunt style kori rotti and Konkani style pathrode and gashi are some of the famous Mangalorean dishes. Rightly described as the head chef in preparation of all types of fish or meenu curries Mangalore is famous for its signature dishes being a coastal city fresh fish is its specialty. All these languages are considered local languages and are in use by the people of Mangalore. It is one of the few cities in India that has recognized 4 local languages deep rooted in Mangalore tradition are the four major languages of the city. Kannada, Tulu, Konkani and barely spoken more by Muslims. For the bordering state of Kerala, Mangalore is a very convenient city with top of the class facilities like medical and educational conveniences. Therefore clear that Mangalore is also a true enriching center for the neighboring states located Mangalore lies 353km from the capital city of Karnataka- Bangalore. The urban agglomeration of Mangalore stretches over more than 30 kilometers from Ullal in the south to Surathkal in the north. The city stretches to Vamanjoor, deralakatte padil and Bajpe in the east.


The city history is rich in culture and tradition is believed that Matsyendranath of the nath cult married Premaladevi princess from the south mangalore city has numerous historical references in early and medieval history. The number of travellers wrote about Mangalore history. Mangalore in the books written by Ptolemy and pliny. Rewarded to Parashurama by samudraja. Manglore is an important places where great sages like Vashista and Kanva etc..


This city boast of its amalgamation of culture and languages like the Tuluva community konkani community and the beary community bhootha kola or worshiping the spirit is still prevalent and practiced in Mangalore the kambala is performed as a tribute to the gods to protect the crops of farmers the theru of Venkatramana temple in Mangalore is most famous te entire city is decorated for this festival with crackers lighting the sky and sounding the air a folk dance unique to this area which is performed during Dasara and krishna janmashtami Karadi vesha (Bear Dance) is performed during Dasara in Mangalore and is an important business center and is known for its amazing beaches seaports and a diverse culture the city and the coastal region were part of the pandyan kingdom.

Sightseeing Places

Panambur Beach

Have a local buses to and from the bus stands close to the beach and from the city timings is morning to night stay of the beach may be possible at the beach with permission from operator Panambur beach is one of the most popular beach in Mangalore city in coastal Karnataka colorful kites different games licking food and fantastic music are a few highlights of the great that takes place at Panambur beach.

Tannirbhavi Beach

More modest beach wear should be perfectly fine life gaurds on roll rocky beach need to go to the side to avoid injuries but had a great time with my kids they won’t allow to get into the water 3 entry spots are there but one has parking facility this place is counted after the well-known Panambur beach.

Mahathobara Shree Mangaladevi Temple

The community of the Hindus temple has been mostly built in wood is located the state capital Bangalore between the Arabian sea and the western mountain range the best of the local food scene Hindu god Shakti in the form of Mangaladevi temple Manglore city got its name from this diety clean temple best place for devotes flow of devotion starts when entered, mind feels lighter Mangalore is named after Mangaladevi do visit to this devine place of goddess Mangaladevi your prayers and seek blessings.

Kadri Shree Manjunatha Temple

Shree Manjunatha that the temple houses is said to be the oldest in south India Manjunatha or lord Shiva on the Kadri hills location is extremely spiritual and calm in Buddhism is the word surrounded by caves the Pandava caves lived in the valleys of Kadri lord Parasuama set off to find the mount kadri to set up the Kadrivana for lord Manajunatha a form of lird shiva won over the place and set up the Kadalivana in the space around the Shiva linga the family dedicated their life to the development of the temple goddess Durga is on the west of the temple lord Ganesh in the north Ganesh Chathurthi navratri Deepawali etc. are some of the major festivals celebrated here in the temple tourists can hire a cab or a bus from the airport to reach Kadri.

Sultan Bateri

Nice view historical place beautiful location its know well know place established Hazrath tippu sultan one of the peaceful places in Mangalore may look simple but the view of the specially sunset the town sultan Bateri a corruption of the phrase sultan’s Bateri town Ganapativattom was derived from this temple biggest shop is Wayanad.

Pilikula Nisarga Dhama Place

In this place famous of the pilikula sightseeing Boating facilities pilikula botanical garden the roadways are more convenient option here than flights or trains available biological park is major attraction of pilikula nisarga dhama good education for students pilikula species of mammals and reptiles and birds the park area covered with thick vegetation serves as a natural habitat for wild animals pilikula nisarga dhama have a boating gardens botanical gardens heritage village regional science center jungle lodges amusement park many attraction and interested the country meeting of all modern international standard zoo management in the beautiful city of mangalore dhama.