Sai Shravani Puligurtha

Qualification: MA

Specialization: M.Ed/M.A (Literature)

Experience: Literature

Locality: Seethammadhara

Greetings! I am an accomplished Literature tutor with a Master of Arts degree in Literature, actively seeking full-time teaching positions in Vishakapatnam. With a deep love for literature and a strong academic background, I am dedicated to igniting a passion for the written word in my students and helping them develop critical thinking and analytical skills.

During my MA program, I specialized in various literary periods, genres, and critical theories, equipping me with a comprehensive understanding of literature from different eras and cultural contexts. I have a keen eye for textual analysis and interpretation, and I enjoy guiding students in exploring the rich themes, motifs, and narrative techniques found in literary works. Additionally, I am well-versed in literary criticism and can introduce students to different critical perspectives to broaden their understanding and appreciation of literature.

As a tutor, my teaching approach emphasizes interactive and engaging discussions, fostering a collaborative learning environment where students can freely express their thoughts and ideas. I believe in encouraging creativity and independent thinking, allowing students to develop their own unique literary voices. I am patient, approachable, and committed to providing personalized attention to each student’s learning needs. If you are seeking a dedicated and passionate Literature tutor, I would be thrilled to contribute my expertise and inspire a love for literature among students in Vishakapatnam through full-time teaching opportunities.

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