T Mangboi Singson

Qualification: B.Sc Physics, MSc. Physics ( pursuing )

Specialization: Maths, Physics

Experience: Maths, physics ( class 5 to 10)

Locality: Tutikandi

I completed my B.Sc. Physics from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University. Since then, I’ve been mostly engaged in tutoring students of class 10 and below wherever I am. I always prioritise in helping the kids understand why they need to study and do well academically.

My subject preferences are maths and physics. I have taught students of standard 5 to 12. But I prefer teaching students belonging to class 6 to 10.

I always incorporate the following points in my teaching :
* concept clarity
* examples from prescribed textbooks and other sources
* exam related topics/ exam related preparation
* notes making or maintaining notes ( school as well as tuition notes)
* weekly or chapter wise self assessment tests
* answer writing presentation techniques ( like writing format, handwriting, etc.)
* discussions, etc

Overall, I want to make sure that whoever I get to interact with through home tutoring that the students get to learn and do better in the academic endeavours.

Thank you.

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