Tuition Centers in Kakinada

Crazywhiz Home Tuition Tuition Centers in Kakinada available for one-to-one and group tuition classes. Call 9059878929 enquire about your educational requirements and join your child in our Home Tuition Tuition Centre. Book Tutor

Tuition Centers in Kakinada

About Crazywhiz Tuition Center

Crazywhiz tuition center, also known as Crazywhiz tuition consultancy, is a education centre that provides academic and supplementary education services to students outside of the traditional classroom setting. Our Tuition center typically offer individual or small group tutoring classes for a variety of subjects, such as math, science, language arts, and test preparation. They may also offer enrichment classes or workshops on topics like study skills, creative writing, or robotics. Our Tuition centers can be a useful resource for students who need extra help with a particular subject or who are preparing for exams.

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