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Vedic Maths Online Classes

What is Vedic Maths?

Vedic Math is a collection of Sutras to solve Maths problem like Additions, Subtractions, Multiplications, Divisions, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Conics, etc., in easy and faster way by using tricks and techniques. Vedic is a Sanskrit word which means “Knowledge”. It is an ancient Indian system of math which was rediscovered by the Vedas by Sri Bharati Krishna Tirtha Maharaja (1884-1960). The Vedic Math Contains 16 Sutras (Formulas) and 12 Sub-sutras (Corollary).

Vedic Maths Online Classes

How it’s different

How Vedic Maths is different from regular math – Vedic Math helps to the child to speed up mental calculation with easy and fun tricks when it compared with regular maths, it will sharpen analytical abilities which is not possible with Traditions Maths.

Why Vedic Maths

Vedic Math can teach your kids new ways to learn and enjoy the maths, itis useful for faster arithmetic calculations

Who need Vedic Maths?

It is useful from 4th standard – Intermediate (12) and for students who is are preparing for Competitive Exams like Railway, Banking, IIT, IIIT, MCET, etc.

How It Helps

The Complex Numerical calculations can be done very fast.

Course Details

Level 1

Class 1: Introduction to Vedic Maths& Abacus
a) History of Vedic Maths
b) About the Father of Vedic Maths
c) Benefits of Vedic Maths
d) What is Abacus
e) Differences b/w Vedic Math & Abacus

Class 2: Introduction of Vedic Math Sutras
a) Vedic Math – 16 Sutras
b) Vedic Math – 13 Sub-Sutras

Class 3: Additions
a) Bindu Method
b) Quick Calculation techniques

Class 4: Additions
a) Nearest Value of 10
b) Easy Maths techniques

Class 5: High Speed Addition
a) Addition without Carrying
b) Additions by using “. /- “ method

Class 6: High speed Additions
a) By using random digits
b) Carry Combination
c) Non- Carry combination


Class 7: Subtractions by using all from 9 last from 10

Class 8: Subtracting using appropriate base
a) 1-Digit number (base 10)
b) 2-Digit number (base 100)
c) 3-Digit number (base 1000)

Class 9: Subtracting using appropriate base
d) 4-Digit number (base 10000)
e) 5-Digit number (base 100000)
f) 6-Digit number (base 1000000)
g) 7-Digit number (base 10000000)

Class 10: Assessment


Class 11: Multiplication by using Japanese Method
Class 12: Multiply 2-digit Numbers which starts with “1”
Class 13: Multiply 2-digit numbers which ends with “1”
Class 14: Multiply 2-digit numbers by using 11
Class 15: Multiply 2-digit numbers by using adding Value of “10” in Units place
Class 16: Multiply 2-digit numbers by using adding Value of “10” in tens place
Class 17: Multiply 2-digit numbers which end with “5”
Class 18: Criss-Cross Method
Class 19: Calculate the square of 1-20
Class 20: Assessment

Class 21: Simple division techniques
Class 22: Summary of all classes


Frequently Asked Questions

How do i do Vedic Maths?

By using simple tricks &techniques with pen & Paper

Is Vedic maths useful?

Yes! It is very useful for your child to solve the Math problems quickly &Accurately

Who can learn Vedic Maths?

From Grade 4th – to Any one

Is VedicMaths Difficult?

No, it is very easy, higher calculation can be solvingquickly.

How long does it take to learn Vedic Maths?

Depending upon the age of the Student.

(8 – 12 Months)

What is the right age to learn Vedic Maths?

From Grade 4th onwards (10 – 60 Years)

Can I learn Vedic Maths Online?

Yes, we will provide Online / Offline classes

Is Vedic Math good for kids?

Yes! It will increase your child Concentration & enhance the logical reasoning of the student by making them understand the steps behind the concept.

Is Abacus good or bad?

It is good for 5 – 12 Years kids but it is not much useful for higher standards

What are the levels of Vedic Maths?

4 Levels

What is Vedic math and its benefits?

Vedic Math is known as “Faster Arithmetic calculation”

The benefits of the Vedic Maths:

  • faster Calculations
  • Boosting child Brain development
  • Improve Memory and Concentration
  • Increase Creativity &Confidence
  • Innovation

Where can I learn Vedic maths?

We are offering the Course along with Certification.

What is the difference between Vedic maths and regular maths?

Vedic math is a calculation improvement program, you can do calculations 10-15 times faster than our usual math methods.

Why should students learn Vedic Maths?

To crack competitive exams

How is Vedic maths helpful to modern maths? Vedic Math is a mental calculation to solve any complex Arithmetic problem in an easy & faster way as compared to usual Maths.

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