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Vizag Tourist Places

Visakhapatnam is widely referred to as Vizag. It is considered to be one of the largest cities in Andhra Pradesh. This industrial city never fails to allure visitors due to the presence of several beautiful sandy beaches, carefully built and regularly maintained parks and gardens like the Araku Valley. The population of Visakhapatnam is around two million currently.

It is often called the Goa of the East Coast. Similar to its west coast part, this part also contains attractive beaches, elegant landscapes, and laterite hillocks. Besides, the health tourism sector of this city is also growing constantly. Visakhapatnam or Vizag is considered to be a port city of the state of Andhra Pradesh. The people living in this city belong to different religions, cultures, and race live with love and harmony. This city is concealed between the hills of the Eastern Ghats facing towards the direction of Bay of Bengal. It is also referred to as the “city of destiny” and “the jewel city of the east coast. It has been given the eighth place amongst the top 20 cities that are chosen to be upgraded into smart cities. Vizag has been highly affected by the Buddhists and their preaching methods since the 5th century BC. Visakhapatnam was once included in the territory of Kalinga. This city is covered with several beautiful and old Buddhist sites that promote the legacy of Buddhism across the state. The climate of Visakhapatnam is normally humid due to the presence of the sea.

It is known to be the only town across the state that contains two ports. This is because the ports are useful in handling the biggest volume of cargo in India. Besides, it is also considered to contain the oldest shipyard that is mainly used for repairing purposes for the Indian Navy Submarines. The shipyard can also be used for creating submarines with nuclear power. Visakhapatnam is considered the 3rd biggest city situated on the east coast of India. This city is also the main hub for various activities related to finance. Various offices of the public sector, as well as a defence, are present in this city that makes this city well-known throughout India. Its population already went past 2,000,000 within ten years, which justifies its name, i.e., “City of Destiny.” India’s first naval base is located in this city. This base has the command for Eastern naval base, and also it acts as a central base for Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, and West Bengal. In 1969, INS Kursura was bought for the Navy of India. It acted as one of the main sub-marines for the Indian Navy and thus played an important role in the India-Pakistan war in 1971.

In the year 2001, it was relieved from its role and thus became the world’s second museum for Submarine. INS Arihant, the first Submarine having nuclear weapons, is also built in this city. Vizag has obtained the eight rank in the smart city list. Due to this reason, this city has been chosen for financing in the first stage. The city will be offering high-speed internet across the city. The street lights of this city will also include LED lights. Besides, the state-of0-the-art-system will also be included in the smart city of Vizag. Visakhapatnam is also widely known for its beauty and mesmerizing sceneries. This place is highly famous amongst visitors across the globe. It contains some of the most popular spots like the Borra caves, Tyda jungle bells, Butterfly Park, Araku Valley, Ananthagiri hills, Harada beach, gangavaram beach, etc. Vizag has one of the oldest and first Naval Base in the country. The Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL) situated in this city is considered to be the oldest. There is a total of three harbours in Vishakhapatnam, including inner, outer, and fishing harbour. The construction of the INS Arihant, the nuclear Submarine, also took place in Vizag. Vizag also consists of an aircraft museum, which is one of a kind in India. The submarine museum situated in Vizag is rare and highly popular throughout the country. Visakhapatnam is the only city in India that has two major ports.

Visakhapatnam is also called as Vizag, Visaka or Waltair is the executive capital and the largest city of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Vizag is situated between the Eastern Ghats and the popular sea, the Bay of Bengal. It is one of the four smart cities of Andhra Pradesh selected under Smart Cities Mission by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is the most populous city in the state with 17.7 Lakhs population.

Vizag History

The city was ruled by the Andhra Kings of Vengi and Pallavas. The city is named after Sri Visakha Varma. The British East India Company captured Visakhapatnam after the 1804 Battle of Vizagapatam and it remained under British colonial rule until Indian independence in 1947 which was a part of the Northern Circars. Vizag is often referred to, has been mentioned by Panini and Katyayana in their writings of the fourth century BC. The city was also a part of the Kalinga kingdom, which was later conquered by the great Emperor, Ashoka. The city of Visakhapatnam has been named after Visakha, the god of valor and war.


The State is rich in natural resources, cultural heritage, history and most of all, an opportunity to explore them, created by combining the old princely state of Hyderabad with the Telugu speaking portions of the former state of Chennai, Andhra Pradesh to this day retains much of its regal glory and mystic charm. Some of the art forms as it’s own. Many other dance forms that enjoy such a performance like, kuchipudi the dance of the state, Bharatanatyam. Folk dance beach by high hill (Rushikonda Hill) Dhimsa dance, koya. Festivals, Cuisine Andhra Pradesh the 2nd largest producer of Rice and Chillies Vizag own flavor fish. Tradition excellent sailing ,the beach is 9 km away from town on the Marine Drive and Handicrafts also.

Tourist Places

Yarada Beach
Dolphin Hill or Nose
Rushikonda Beach
Rama Krishna Mission Beach
INS Kursura Submarine Museum
Indira Gandhi Zoological Park
Simhachalam Temple


  1. Visakhapatnam serves as headquarters for the Indian navy’s eastern naval command.
  2. The city also serves as the zonal importance. Visakhapatnam serves as the headquarters for the Indian navy’s eastern naval command. The city also serves the zonal headquarters of South Coast Railway Zone.
  3. The city is home to the oldest shipyard and the only natural harbour on the east coast of India. of South Coast Railway Zone.
  4. The city is also home to the oldest shipyard and the only natural harbour on the east coast of India.

Best Time to Visit Vizag

The best time to visit Vizag is from October to march. 2.During this time the weather of the region becomes more pleasing and comfortable. December to February is the duration of winters in this region. The temperature becomes fairly pleasant with temperature range of 18°C to 32°C.

How to Reach Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam Airport is well connected by daily flights to chennai, delhi, mumbai, bangalore, hyderabad, kolkata, kochi, mangalore, bhubaneswar, raipur, tirupathi, and other towns and cities etc.